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Republic within the British Commonwealth, formerly part of India, which has issued its own stamps since gaining independence in 1947.

The country was constituted a dominion under the Indian Independence Act of 1947 and consists of former British India territories which had a pre-dominantly Moslem population. The Punjab states of Bahawalpur and Khairpur, with Moslem rulers and a population almost 80 per cent Moslem, acceded to Pakistan in October 1947. The Baluchistan states of Kalat, Mekran, Las Bela and Kharan and the north-west frontier states of Chitral, Amb, Dir and Swat joined Pakistan also. The states of Junagadh and Manavador, Jammu and Kashmir, acceded to Pakistan but were occupied by Indian forces at the end of 1947 and possession of Jammu and Kashmir has been a source of friction between India and Pakistan ever since. Karachi was the capital of Pakistan until August 1960 when the capital was transferred to Rawalpindi.

At the time of independence Indian stamps were in use in Pakistan, but on October 1, 1947, the contemporary Indian definitive series, from 3 pies to 25 rupees was released over-printed PAKISTAN. The over-print was applied by offset-lithography at the Nasik Security Press. The Ir denomination is known with the overprint omitted in pair with a normal stamp or with the overprint inverted. Indian stamps without overprint could be handed in at post offices and exchanged for the overprinted definitive series.

Owing to distribution difficulties, the state presses of Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Dacca were authorized to produce typeset provisional overprints, which can be distinguished from the Nasik versions by the light and oily appearance of the ink and faulty positioning. Further distribution problems resulted in authorized local overprints, hand struck by steel or rubber hand stamps. Numerous types and varieties of overprint are known, applied in various colors. Stamps with typewritten overprints are known to exist also.

Pakistan's first distinctive stamps appeared on July 9, 1948, to celebrate independence. The stamps consisted of 1 , 2  and 3 anna and Ir denominations featuring the Constituent Assembly Building, the entrance to Karachi Airport, the gateway to Lahore Fort and a crescent and stars, respectively. These stamps were recess-printed by De La Rue's subsidiary company in Rangoon and all four stamps bore the date of independence, 15 AUG. 1947.











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